About Us


We whole heartedly believe in OUR RIGHT “to keep and bear arms”!

We created the United Shooter’s Association website for two main reasons:
1. Bring all of those email alerts, legislative updates and political jargon into one place;
2. To provide a free website (mobile optimized), accompanied by a free mobile phone application (available now!), the United Shooter’s Association will assist in providing multiple platforms for an explosion of Second Amendment and Gun Rights awareness. We strive to create a new avenue for the exploration and knowledge of our God given right to anyone, anywhere, anytime!

As we mature and grow in size, the United Shooter’s Association continues to strive for new and exciting ways to provide you with an all encompassing gun rights news and information website. As well as, providing superior tactical training courses. Which will assist in you in acquiring the tactical advantage in real world situations (less than 7 yards).

We are here to grow along side of you in knowledge and presence.

Feel free to give us any comments or suggestions you have. Your input is the most valuable part of the equation!

Thank you for your interest and continued support of the United Shooter’s Association.





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