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The United Shooter’s Association & Force Options USA are Proud to Officially Announce Our 1st Annual Tactical Firearms Training Seminar!

Event: United Shooter’s Association & Force Options USA Tactical Firearms Training Seminar

Date: August 12, 13, 14

Cost: $250/head

Details: Our training seminar will be held on private land in Colorado. The cost includes food and drinks. Also, the top shooter in each of our five competitions, will be awarded a certificate of accomplishment and one of the firearms or training certificate.

Individuals ready for an adrenaline pumping, ultra realistic, close combat tactical firearms training course, need look no further! Contact Tyler for details and reservations. Hurry before Colorado’s best tactical firearms training courses are filled!

Contact: Tyler W.

Phone: 1-888-681-4125  EXT.9

Email: TacticalSeminar@unitedshootersassociation.com

Twitter: @UnitedShooter


Additional Details & Descriptions Below:


Force Options USA put together our seminar courses outline.
Tactical Close Quarters Pistol – Day 1

This course will teach participants the vital skills to win close quarter confrontations.  In the real world chances are very high that an assailant will be within 3 yards. This course is designed to create reflexive gun handling, improved marksmanship and tactical mindset. Students will learn to use a pistol in a very dynamic and combat based way in order to develop solid gun fighting skills.  From hyper accuracy drill and close quarter shooting to weapon retention drills, this will be a diverse and exciting class.

Tactical Carbine Course – Day 2

This course is designed to expose students to the next level in carbine training.  While fundamentals will always be stressed, this course goes further and covers a great deal more.  These topics include:
*Use of multiple firing positions

*Strong and weak side shooting

*Tactical movement with a carbine

*Tactical transition to pistol

* Plus more

This class will culminate in the performance of a multiple target course of fire where you will need to move through a large area and engage hostile targets while avoiding “no-shoot” targets.  This is a very exciting and enjoyable training event.

Competition & Awards- Day 3

A competition on day 3, will be a combination of all things learned. Split into five (5) categories, each with an award to chase after! Force Options USA will tally all results. United Shooter’s Association and Force Options USA will announce the top shooter in each category and present a certificate and award!

Its going to be a fun and exhilarating 3 day Tactical Training Seminar. Hosted by the United Shooter’s Association and training by Force Options USA. Not to mention, outstanding awards and take home items!


1st Annual United Shooter’s Association & Force Options USA Tactical Firearms Seminar!

Black Rifle is officially an award! We have two more awards in the works and will let you know as soon as any more info becomes available.

Thank you to Force Options USA and to everyone for their continued support of us!

We have worked feverishly to make our seminar an amazing experience! We have a few additions we think you might like.
1. Awards such as Smith & Wesson M&P40 in OD Green/Black
2. Seminar take homes such as T-Shirts or Polo’s & Hats
3. Stay tuned, Much more to be announced!

For the Colorado, we seem to get overlooked by a majority of Firearms Training seminars. Massad Ayoob was in Colorado and had a successful seminar. Unfortunately, lots of us were unable to go.

Therefore, we are organizing our 1st Annual Tactical Firearms Training Seminar. We are working with Force Options USA and will be hosting the seminar for 3 days.

The cost is $250/head. included with that would be seminar course itself, BBQ from local butcher, course material and more to come!

We would like to know three things…

1. Would this type of seminar, be one you would attend?
2. What would be your top three lessons learned you want to take away from this?
3. When is the best dates or ranges of dates for you, after July 4th?

If you are ready to attend an in your face, adrenaline pumping, close combat handgun/rifle seminar! Let us know! So we can design a tactical firearms training seminar, you will never forget!


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