As I was skimming through all of the news headlines, a minute ago, I came across one headline that caught my attention.

It isn’t necessarily about gun rights or the 2nd Amendment, so to speak. Rather, about how the overall aspect of lawmakers are now blaming a new source for the prices we’re all paying.

The articles headline reads:

“Lawmakers blame energy prices on speculation. Amid rising gas prices lawmakers are calling for more controls over speculators, who they blame for the high price of oil.”

The article is rather short and does not go into specific details, but that isn’t the point.

My point is this; lawmakers and their citizen followers alike are blaming something else, again. As if it truly makes any sort of difference who or what they try and pass the blame off on. Regardless of who they pass it on to, the ending result always seems to be…. Control.

As I stated in the beginning of my post; “It isn’t necessarily about gun rights or the 2nd Amendment, so to speak.” Thus completes my circle of relation.

What’s been in the sniper scope of “more control” lawmakers for decades is firearms and ammunition. Attempting to strip citizens of their Constitutional rights. Then it shifted to free speech. Not to mention the hundreds of others along the way. That is the underlying hypocrisy here. Not that lawmakers want to pass more control over speculators. Rather their wanting of more control, at the expenses of OUR RIGHTS.

Start educating yourself and others around you by visiting the United Shooter’s Association’ website. Where you can start learning about gun laws, legislation and more.

Stand up for your freedom!


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