Anti-Gun Gospels

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Say What?!?
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Stuart Shaw wrote a response to an article quoting a verse from the Book of Luke, which the author believed to support our Rights to self-protection.

Shaw’s Article Here:

Before I begin my breakdown of Shaw’s article, I say to you, leave any emotions at the door. Whether your religious, agnostic, anti-gun or pro-gun, answer this one simple question…

To the depth of your personal being, do you believe in taking care of yourself? In all aspects (physically, mentally, emotionally,ect) of your health. No what if’s or “I can’t say what I would do, until I’m in that situation”. I give you no scenarios or what if’s. Rather one simple question… Do you truly believe in taking care of your health?

If you answered yes or no and you left your emotions in the John this morning, then let’s get started.

Stuart’s article is well written and as he perceives, to be factual. However, when he says;

“Beyers’ letter includes an example of one common error that comes from quoting a single line (clause, sentence or paragraph), and representing that line as evidence that an authority supports the writer’s point of view, when, on the contrary, he (or she) generally does not agree with it.”

It’s obvious Stuart’s emotions got the best of him. Huh, you ask. Simply put, conviction towards the author taking one liners out of context, especially when it’s generally the wrong point of view is a stretch. I ask you Stuart, when did you have the privilege of meeting Jesus? How does anyone for that matter, know to any distinction what is meant?

Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...

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Continuing with that thought, Stuart’s admission would lead you to believe that laws in effect today are contradiction and law makers would never intentionally put you in harm’s way. Right?

What I mean by that, is that Jesus taught us the use peace instead of violence. I fully agree and would love nothing more than to live a peace existence.

Let’s get real though, people are violent . And as I stated at the beginning of the post, when illness comes knocking, you take affirmative action. When ill will come a knocking, why would you not have the “medicine” ready to go?

“The idea that Jesus would support the arming of citizens to defend themselves and take the law into their own hands contradicts much of what he taught.”

Much of what Jesus taught contradicts a majority of people’s daily lives. However, the misunderstanding of Jesus’ teachings occurs when people bring emotions into it. Yes, Jesus taught that nonviolent resistance was more righteous than violent alternatives. But, the misconstrued notion that Jesus peaceful protest

Stuart nailed it right on the head, figuratively speaking.

Contradictions. This one word can summarize the Bible, in its entirety. The Bible is literally a book of scripted contradictions. Every book or gospel has a few one liners, led or followed by a contradicting one liner. Thus, allowing the stories of the Bible to be easily adapted to most situations.

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